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Though my portfolio contains samples of some of my design-oriented work in the field of urban design & planning, this page contains a broader selection of projects including essays, papers, and presentations. Most of these are related to coursework in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT.

Boston Skyline


Regional vs. Local Accessibility and the McGrath Highway: Forming Consensus and Engaging Constituents to Reimagine Somerville’s Aging Infrastructure (PDF, Dec 2010)

Alice in Wonderland in Union Square: Creating Lasting Connectivity and Revitalized Public Amenities in Somerville’s Historic Square (PDF, Nov 2010)

Millennium Database Analysis: Evaluating the Role of Urban Sprawl in the United States & Western Europe with Quantitative Metrics from the Millennium Cities Database for Sustainable Transport (PDF, Oct 2010) - with B. Cesme.

Lechmere Station - Gateway to Somerville: An Analysis of Traffic Patterns and Mode Share around Somerville's Lechmere Square (PDF, Sep 2010) - with S. Carling, B. Cesme, K. Muhs, J. Osborne, & F. Ritchie.

Urban Design & Development

Inventing the Crescent: A Review & Critique of New Orleans' "Reinventing the Crescent" Plan (PDF, May 2010) - with J. Murphy, T. Walton, & K. Watkins.

2059 - 75 Short Years Past 1984: A Scenario Paper Envisioning the Future of Campus Life at MIT (PDF, May 2009)

The Evolving Temporality of Cities:  Discussing the Outdated Practice of Designing for Permanence  (PDF, Mar 2009)

The Changing Face of Urban Excellence: Comparing the Rudy Bruner & Progressive Architecture Awards Throughout the Years (PDF, Mar 2009)

2009 Urban Campus Design Awards Poster: My Vision for a New Urban Design Award (PDF, Mar 2009)

Urban Form & Use in Boston’s Central Public Parks: Evaluating and Exploring Boston Common and Boston Public Garden (PDF, Dec 2008)

Radburn & Summerlin: Built for the Present, Planned for the Future: Comparing "New Towns" from Different Eras (PDF, Oct 2008)

Central Square – An Urban Amalgam: A Brief Perspective on Cambridge's Central Square (PDF, Sep 2008)

Urban History

The Road to California Proposition 1A: A History of the California High-Speed Rail Movement (PDF, Dec 2008)

GIS Site Suitability Analysis

Placing a New Upscale Restaurant in Suffolk County, MA: A Site Suitability Analysis for Restaurant Placement (PDF, Dec 2008)