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GIS Site Suitability

According to an August 2008 New York Times article, over 60% of new restaurants, delis, and food shops close within three years of opening. This sobering statistic is well known by experienced restaurateurs, many of whom agree that location is overwhelmingly the most important factor for success in the restaurant industry. For my final project in Urban Studies & Social Science Laboratory, I used ArcGIS software in conjunction with 2000 US Census data, road and public transportation data, land use data from MassGIS, and other demographics statistics from Suffolk county to inform a site selection of an upscale Boston-area restaurant targeted at prosperous, working young people of ages 24-39. The full report and analysis is available here.

Ideal Sites for RestaurantIdeal locations for a restaurant overlain on Boston planning districts
Restaurant Raster MapIdeal locations overlain on a raster of map of existing restaurants from 2000 census data.