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Mobility on Demand Charging Infrastructure

In Professor Bill Mitchell's Fall 2009 class, Mobility on Demand, I designed several components of the electric charging infrastructure for a system of lightweight, electric vehicles currently being developed by the Smart Cities group at the MIT Media Lab. Mobility on Demand systems are part of an innovative urban transportation model based on a fleet of electric vehicles in a dynamically priced one-way rental program. Users can pick up lightweight electric cars, scooters, and bicycles and drive them for short distances throughout cities before dropping them off at stations dispersed throughout the city.

Transformers in an Urban Context

My work focused on the design of the electric charging infrastructure required to charge these vehicles throughout the city in an efficient and elegant way. This design involved thorough research of existing charging systems - both conductive and inductive strategies for products ranging from consumer electronics to vehicles - and a broad assessment of urban design and engineering constraints on the charging infrastructure. Using the MIT campus as an urban test bed for our case studies, my team and I then extensively investigated the electrical capacity of the Stata Center and the new Media Lab. Based on the data we collected and analyzed, we are working to design an electric vehicle test charging station in the new Media Lab building. The full design review presentations are available below:

MIT Campus Site Plan

Stata Center Electrical CapacityMedia Lab Infrastructure