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Mode Shift: Biking Boston

As a student in Professor Eran Ben Joseph's Site & Urban Systems Planning workshop/studio, I worked on a bicycle and pedestrian friendly street plan and design for the city of Boston. My work focused on the the historic Back Bay region of Boston, with proposed interventions on Dartmouth and Arlington Streets to link the existing corridors along the Charles River Esplanade, the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, and the Southwest Corridor. The interventions encompassed thorough analysis of the existing sites and GIS-based suitability analysis, research into precedents and techniques employed by other cities, and detailed visual representation of the interventions through renderings, maps, and plan views. The designs were presented to the public at the Boston Bike Summit during Boston Bike Week in May 2010.

The compiled work of the eight students from the studio was created into a design book to serve as a reference for the City of Boston, a preliminary version of which is available below. Print copies will be published in Fall 2010.