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Night of Numbers

In Spring 2011 - the year of MIT's 150th anniversary - the Institute held a spectacular Festival of Art, Science & Technology (FAST) to celebrate the history, culture, mission, and future of MIT through a series of installations, performances, conferences, and symposiums. I was awarded a FAST grant by the FAST production committee through an RFP process to design and implement Night of Numbers, a dynamic lighting installation that brings renewed vibrancy to the often-overlooked entrance to MIT’s main campus from the Kendall MBTA station. Night of Numbers uses powerful LCD projectors to enliven the architecture at the Ames Street pedestrian crossway and draw attention to some of MIT’s most impressive buildings. The projections tell the story of MIT’s past with numbers that hold special or historical significance to the Institute. Meanwhile, cryptic phrases projected around the plaza hint to the meaning of the numbers, creating an exciting visual puzzle for visitors and residents alike. 77…02139…1861…150. Can you decode them all?


  • Night of Numbers was featured on the front page of MIT's newspaper, The Tech, on April 29, 2011 [photo link]
  • Night of Numbers on the MIT FAST website [page link]
  • FAST Light Photo Album from Arts@MIT [gallery link]
  • Night of Numbers in TimeOut Boston [photo link]

Night of Numbers, a FAST installation by Praveen Subramani
(Photo by Andy Ryan)

Night of Numbers, a FAST installation by Praveen Subramani
(Photo by Chris Devers)