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Photographing Urban Landscapes

As a final project in a digital and darkroom imaging course, I captured a variety of digital photographs of urban landscapes focusing on the interaction of built form with bodies of water. Using Adobe Photoshop, I used a series of layer masks and the technique of selective coloration to heighten the effects of particular tones on the landscape images.

Boston Harbor: 'Creeping Darkness'Creeping Darkness: A study of reflective sunlight on Boston Harbor. I took the original picture from a boat in Boston Harbor at sunset, showcasing the spectacular orange yellow tones reflecting off the water and silhouetting the Boston skyline. I then digitally edited the picture to create the effect that the looming clouds above the sun were slowly creeping into the urban landscape but were unable to extinguish the brilliant radiance of the setting sun. I also used this original image and a series of layer masks to isolate the Boston skyline from the masks and overlay them upon the gradient formed by the sunset colors resulting in this digital rendering of the skyline:

Boston Skyline

goldengateRed Towers: A study of color and shadowing of San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate bridge on the murky water below. Beginning with a typical wide-view photograph of the bridge from the north side of the San Francisco Bay that I took in March 2008, I masked out the color of the image with the exception of the two towers of the suspension structure. The closer tower is intentionally made brighter to draw attention to it, and the far tower contains just under 50% of its original red color to create the effect that the color is fading away into the distance.